12-day-old baby savaged to death by dog

A 12-day-old baby boy in the UK has been mauled to death by a dog that witnesses said was strong enough to drag three police officers onto the road.

Police were called to a Doncaster, South Yorkshire home on Sunday afternoon, on reports the newborn had been attacked by his family’s dog.

“On arrival at the property, emergency services discovered a 12-day-old baby boy had been bitten by a dog and suffered serious injuries,” a South Yorkshire Police spokesman told The Sun.

He was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, but died as a result of his injuries. A 35-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter following the tragic incident.

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One local woman, Sally Hooley, told the publicationthat she drove by the house as police were removing the dog.

“It was a big fluffy golden thing. It didn’t look like a dangerous breed,” she said.

“But police were struggling to get it into the dog van. It was strong enough to be dragging three officers into the road.”

It’s not yet known if the dog, believed to be a crossbreed, was put down.

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Other neighbours called the incident “heartbreaking”, saying it had been “tragedy upon a tragedy” for the family, with the father of three of the woman’s children believed to have died of sepsis last year.

“She was a brilliant mum but her whole life fell apart when he died. She lost everything,” one woman tearfully told the publication.

“Absolutely devastating news. Two parents have just lost a child and three other children a brother in such terrible circumstances. Sleep tight little man,” a friend of the family wrote on Facebook.

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