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Busy mum’s secret to shredded physique

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The “secret” behind Ash Lane’s strong physique is to “eat more”.

While there is no one simple answer or easy way to achieve a toned physique, the Aussie nutritional coach said eating more is one way to help fuel and transform your body while training.

Like most mums, the Queensland-based personal trainer leads a super busy life, juggling work and family commitments, so for her time is very important, which is why she’s all about training smarter and not harder.

She has helped clients achieve their fitness goals by not only educating them on training styles, but also encouraging them to hit their daily protein requirements and stick within their calorie targets.

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She said the approach helped her overcome her unhealthy relationship with food and formed the basis of her hugely popular fitness program Train With Ash.

“At the very top level it’s about eating the right amount of calories and protein for your body weight,” Ms Lane, 33, told

“When I first started my journey back in 2012 it was low carb ‘clean eating’ for me, where all I was consuming was meat and vegetables for most part of the day.

“It was very basic to say the least. I ended up with a very black and white mentality which ended with me on a yoyo diet merry go-round for years and a very poor relationship with food.”

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It was at this point Ms Lane hired a coach and was able repair her “skewed relationship with food”.

Ms Lane then went from a restricted diet, to eating up to 2,300 calories a day of nutritional-based foods that help meet her fitness target — a healthy, strong physique.

“I track my food yes, it keeps me focused. It helps me meet my daily protein target and for the rest of the day I eat what brings me joy,” she explained.

“It’s always yoghurt for brekky with protein powder, peanut butter, strawberries and a Fibre One Bar — I love Mexican and Stir Frys too.

“A simple roast dinner or spaghetti bolognese are also favourites of mine.”

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Ms Lane said she also eats any leftovers from the night before, for lunch the next day.

“On Fridays I will have pizza for dinner, and while snacks are rarer for me (because I prefer bigger main meals) if I do, it might be a banana with peanut butter or a Tim Tam — honestly it depends on how I feel.”

She said the most important rule is to maintain a balanced diet, adding she doesn’t believe in low carb or fad diets.

“For me, having a healthy relationship with your body along with having a healthy relationship with food is at the top of my priority list,” she told

“Both take patience and time to work and improve on,”, adding that trying to get to a certain number on the scales doesn’t positively impact either of those things.

When it comes to exercise, she said she trains at least three times a week, prioritising strength training over intense cardio.

“When I do strength sessions, I focus on big lifts like bench presses, squats and pull ups as a foundation to my workouts.”

She also enjoys long walks.

Ms Lane now specialises in showing women how to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without restrictive diets and overtraining the body.

If you’ve got a transformation story you’d like to share, get in touch with [email protected]

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