Chilling moment hiker stalked by bear

This is the heart-stopping moment a black bear approaches a group of fearless hikers, while they snap a selfie with the animal.

According to The Sun, the hikers kept their cool when the curious bear approached them from behind on a trail in Mexico.

The encounter reportedly happened at a popular hiking trail at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, according to a person who shared the video.

Footage shows a woman standing very still as a black bear, perched on its hind legs, approaches and sniffs her.

Behind her, two other female hikers manage to remain calm as they watch the bear inspect their friend.

The animal briefly drops onto the ground, but suddenly lurches back onto its hind legs again and presses himself against the woman.

Bystanders try to distract the black bear – however, it’s preoccupied with sniffing the woman’s head.


Meanwhile, the woman quickly seizes the unbelievable moment and pulls out her phone to take a selfie.

As if completely aware, the bear stands just long enough for the picture before dropping back on all fours and lightly swatting at the woman’s legs twice.

The black bear then begins to wander away, while the woman and her friends speed out of the area.

The shocking moment was shared to social media, where it amassed more than two million views since Saturday.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman shared the video on his page and wrote: ‘Oh. my. goodness. She’s a rock. I want this girl in my foxhole …’

The user who shared the video noted that it wasn’t uncommon to see black bears in Chipinque Ecological Park, and it’s certainly not the first time it was caught on camera.

Last December, two black bears terrified a visitor in the park while sniffing around garbage cans for food.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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