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‘Ken Doll’s new chin goes horribly wrong

Jessica Alves, also known as the “Human Ken Doll”, has taken to Instagram to reveal her cosmetic procedure horror which left her with a hole in her chin.

Since the age of 17, the transgender Brazilian-British TV star who lives in London has had more than 100 cosmetic procedures costing roughly $1 million.

And while she admitted to “learning her lesson” following previous botched jobs, the 37-year-old insisted on having more filler injected into her face, this time by a trainee.

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“Not long (ago) I got hyaluronic acid fillers injected into my chin to make it narrower,” she told her more than 1 million Instagram followers on Tuesday.

“I had a very bad infection; the product has been pouring out of my chin. It has been really bad.”

Jessica explained that while the procedure was performed at a hair salon in Essex, UK, by someone who is “nearly trained”, she herself is to blame.

“I am very experienced when it comes to plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures,” she said.

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“I have learned my lesson throughout the years but I insisted I needed that filler and now I have a big hole on my chin,” adding it is the reason she covers it with a bandaid.

Jessica explained the ordeal has been very “frustrating” as she removed the bandaid to show her followers how “deep” the hole is.

The following day, Jessica revealed she had a successful surgery to clear the infection and “fix” the hole.

She also had liposuction in her feet and calves to remove silicon, a lip lift, liposuction in her jaw and a “surprise” nose job as a “gift” from her doctor.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she said, adding she is “really happy” with her overall surgery.

However, she took the time to advise those interested in cosmetic procedures to seek professional advice.

“If you do any injectable or fillers, I advise you to have someone who is highly trained and experienced such as a doctor or plastic surgeon,” Jessica said.

The socialite admits she has “put herself through so much plastic surgery and so much pain” – and has even risked her own life.

In 2016, Jessica, known as Rodrigo at the time, caught an infection after the sixth of her ten nose jobs.

It left her unable to breathe as her body rejected the new nose.

She then suffered necrosis – an infection that sees the skin tissue die and wither away.

She was rushed to a hospital in Malaga, Spain, when she saw a hole appear in her nose, and doctors warned the condition could cause her nose to become gangrenous and would need to be removed before it ate into her face.

Despite this, she had four more reconstructive nose jobs – one involving cartilage in her wrist being used to rebuild her nose.

At the start of the year, Jessica revealed that since transitioning to a woman she has “never felt better”.

“I was very unhappy and I either had the transition or die. It was one or the other,” she said.

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