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Mum’s ‘impossible’ 60kg weight loss

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At 149kg, Krechelle Amanda Carter knew she had to make drastic changes to her life, or face the possibility of never seeing her children again.

It came to the point where Ms Carter and her husband Dave were in the process of writing letters to their six children because they thought she wasn’t going to be around for special events in their lives.

The Adelaide mum said she was then faced with having to make an “impossible decision”.

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Not only was she juggling family life, the 30-year-old also had with several health challenges including being diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, a rare disease called Serrated Polyposis, and had her uterus removed because of invasive endometriosis.

“About four weeks after my hysterectomy and after a terrible 18 months battling several diseases, I just had this moment where I woke up and thought you can die in bed, or you can get up, fight through the pain and get yourself back to a healthier place,” Ms Carter told

“After my hysterectomy, I decided I was the only one who could fight back now.”

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She said her weight gain was because of uncontrolled portion sizes, not being able to move from pain, combined with the side effects of the steroid medication she was on.

But despite her ongoing health battles, the freelance writer went on to lose nearly half her body weight (60kg).

“It was an impossible choice to make and I got my doctors to watch me closely as I went off all of my high dose steroids, pain killers, immunosuppressants,” she said.

“I tried to tackle life from scratch, with nothing but healthy foods moving slowly and nourishing myself.”

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She switched to a protein rich diet including boiled eggs, leafy green chicken salads, vegetables and smoothie bowls.

“It was no eating between 4pm until 8am/12pm depending, but I’d have water and tea in that time,” she explained.

Ms Carter said while the biggest challenge in her weight loss journey was starting from a “place of nothing”, it had allowed her to live life in a way she never expected.

“When I looked in the mirror before, I was so unhappy. I could see my illnesses had won and the medication I was taking was doing that and also stopping me from living,” she said.

“The process is a year but it’s really a lifetime and I’m still learning and growing and moving forward.”

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Ms Carter, who now weighs 89kg, trains up to six times a week, including 5km walks with her dogs, playing netball and lifting weights at her local GoodLife Health Club.

“I started by following YouTube clips and slowly went back to my gym. I also love (Fitness influencer) Emily Skye’s classes,” she said. “And then I just started teaching myself my own technique at home.

“Then with the help of some online coaches, I developed my own program which has suited my busy life.”

She has also documented her journey on Instagram as a way to help inspire others, attracting almost 30,000 followers.

“Some days I can’t see the changes and that’s really hard to deal with which is why I do the comparison photos online,” Ms Carter said.

Shocked herself at how far she has come, Ms Carter said she can’t help but feel proud of the changes “she never knew she could make”.

“I love being a mum and being able to get up everyday get dressed with ease and taking care of my kids. It is a blessing; I feel healthy and active and I love it.”

If you suffer from a chronic illness or other health condition it is important to seek medical advice before altering your diet and/or changing/removing medications.

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