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Stress busting item we need after COVID

We’ve all experienced record levels of stress this year and it’s taking its toll.

The physcial effects of your nervous system being overloaded with stress hormones can be seen in a multitude of places – including on your face.

And while experts say the best solution is found in regular sleep and exercise, those remedies don’t help when you wake up with wrinkles, puffy eyes or dry skin – all of which studies have proven are triggered by stress.

Long before the coronavirus pandemic sent our cortisol levels soaring, British fashion and makeover expert Trinny Woodall set out to create a product that helps combat the visible signs on our faces.

Fast-forward three years and her skincare and makeup brand Trinny London has just launched BFF De-Stress, a tinted serum that “defends and manages the appearance of stress on your skin”, with Trinny telling The Beauty Diary it took thirty stabs to get the formula just right.

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“I have been researching how stress affects our skin both internally and externally,” she said, explaining “cortisol lives on the skin” and can affect our complexions.

The formula, called NP-TriOXT, is made up of three different complexes – one of which is neurophroline, an exciting new active ingredient that is said to be able to block the production of cortisol and something Trinny said will help “counteract all of those stresses”.

“It’s a skincare make-up hybrid that has a much higher percentage of active ingredients compared to anything in the market,” she said.

“And as a result of that, the ingredients do actually help to protect and improve your skin.”

The $75 product has already proved hugely popular, launching with a mammoth wait list and rave reviews.

One customer described the shiny silver tube as “the most amazing stuff” while another called it a “baton of light”.

On Twitter, one woman said it did a “top job” at covering just the right amount.

It’s not the first time Trinny has caused a stir with a product, with a number of her creations earning praise from skincare and beauty lovers.

The BFF Cream has been hailed an “absolute game changer” by users and received hundreds of five-star reviews online. One woman who struggles with pigmentation even shared her impressive before and after snaps, showing how the cream helped tone down her redness.

Another firm favourite is the concealer, BFF Eye, which is packed with skincare ingredients such as uber moisturising hyaluronic acid to prevent caking and vitamin C to brighten.

The unique stackable pots have also become synonymous with the brand, an idea Trinny said was born out of necessity.

“I spent many years travelling around the world, and I would always want to have everything with me all at once, so I went and I got these little pots and I always decant my make up,” she said.

“I just loved the way that it was so convenient. After two years of doing this, I thought, ‘I’ve got to just start it’.”

But while the products create no end of social media buzz, are they actually any good?

We’ve put some of Trinny London’s bestsellers to the test so you don’t have to.


Available at

Price: $75

One thing Trinny and I have in common is our love of applying a product with our hands, it’s one of the reasons I love skin tints and have raved about them previously in this column as it skips fussing with a sponge or brush when I’m in a rush in the mornings. This product is designed to just be rubbed into the skin after you’ve applied your SPF (if you’re not doing this every morning, shame on you). Pump it onto your fingers and massage it around your face in a circular motion and watch as it melts in. Once you’re done, you’re left with a brighter, smoother complexion and there’s no yukky residue like there would be if you took your fave bottle of foundation and did the same thing with it. It honestly looks and feels like you’re not wearing anything at all – the finish is honestly super natural but noticeable. Despite the name, the formula doesn’t feel like a serum at all, it’s more like a light moisturiser that gives a light coverage you can build up if you want more. It also visibly plumps skin thanks to Trinny’s love of hyaluronic acid (this product features two kinds for extra juice) – so it’s a real pick-me-up for skin. There are 12 “stretchable” shades, with each one encompassing multiple skin tones, something Trinny says means the product works for everyone. I’ve been using this for two weeks now and have loved having it in my handbag for after the gym or when I need a quick and easy freshen up. I love that it just enhances my features and complexion without making me look like a different person. It’s honestly fantastic.


Available at

Price: $65

This has been in my gym bag for months and it’s probably about time I shared it with you as it is such a go-to. A light, easy to apply moisturisier that protects skin from harmful UV rays. CHECK. The product can be worn alone as it is slightly tinted, with a clever formula that replicates your own skin tone to even out pigmentation. And honestly, it really is smart AF. let me explain. There are five shades and my gut instinct learning this was to scream “it’s 2020, this isn’t good enough”. But the shades are ranges rather than set tones and skin colours, which really do work with your own skin. When I took the shade “lightest” it pumps out white on my hand. But as soon as I rub it in, it begins to change colour, finishing once it has matched my own. Talk about WOW. I like to pop two-three pumps on my hand and massage it onto my face and neck – making sure not to miss my ears. It absorbs really fast and honestly, smells bloody divine. Of course, I do have one wish to make this even better – make it factor 50. Then it would be truly perfect.


Available at

Price: $48

Who doesn’t love a bit of concealer? I know I do – and I’ve really been enjoying this one. It’s another of skincare meets make-up hybrid that is packed with hyaluronic acid to add moisture to skin as well as perform as a cover up. I’ve really been enjoying how well this sits, it doesn’t crease or dry out – and lasts all day. It honestly doesn’t budge or smear in any way and the eight shades are all super blendable so you can easily get the coverage you want. My only bug bear is the pot it is in. I know the dinky silver tubs are the brand’s signature packaging and they’re designed to be stackable and travel friendly. While it works with the firmer products like lippy and eyeshadow, this is more of a liquid than a solid so it can get a bit messy – I defo wouldn’t be putting it in my handbag for example. However it’s a great concealer so I’m choosing to forgive this.


Available at

Price: $40

I can’t resist me a bit of sparkle and love to wear highlight even when I’ve got nothing else on – so it’s probably little shock to learn I LOVE THIS. There are six shades but I’ve been using Bunny, a shimmery rose champagne colour that makes my cheekbones glisten without looking like a disco ball. The level of colour is great, it gives just a hint of a tint and blends out with your fingers and it’s completely buildable. You can use it on your lips as well as your cheeks, but despite my love of shimmer, lips are one place I like to keep glitter-free – so I chose not to. But big YAY for its versatility. The little pot goes a long way too as you don’t need much to get the full effect.

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