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Viral Woolies video surprises Aussies

If you thought Woolworths’ popular mud cakes were made by hand, you’d be mistaken

A video uploaded to TikTok on Monday has revealed the real way the $4.80 item is made, leaving hundreds of Aussie fans stunned.

The 20-second clip which was shared by the user Food Factory Aus revealed the popular Woolies chocolate cake was in fact made by … a robot.

“Wait so they don’t make them in store? Illusion shattered,” one person commented.

“My life is a lie. Here I thought people made them out back,” a second person teased.

“What, you’re telling me it’s not handmade,” another added.

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The video, which has already had half a million views, shows an industrial machine clasping and flipping several cakes upside down before dipping the top in the melted chocolate glaze.

As one TikTok user pointed out, the video was accompanied by a “dramatic song, for an important moment”. The song is Feel Something by Bea Miller which many thought was appropriate.

“I feel like were witnessing something we shouldn’t,” one person joked.

“I had no idea how I thought these were made but this wasn’t it,” said another.

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Others couldn’t quite believe the cakes weren’t made by the supermarket giant’s very own bakers.

“I ate an entire one by myself today cause I thought someone at Woolies put their heart and soul into this, their work deserves to be appreciated,” a shocked user wrote.

Even a staff member claimed to have no idea the popular cakes were made off-site.

“I work at Woolworths and I thought the girls in the bakery did them,” they wrote.

A former employee said he used to make the cakes for the supermarket “back in the day before they had factories make these”.

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A Woolworths Australia spokesperson confirmed to the process in making the much-loved mud cakes.

“We know that many of our customers really love our chocolate mud cakes which are in high demand throughout the year,” the spokesperson said.

“The majority of our Woolworths chocolate mud cake bases are created off-site by a leading Australian bakery supplier and then delivered to our store for our teams to complete the final touches.”

Given they are so popular, it’s not surprising the bulk of them are made off-premises.

“Australians around the nation have truly been blessed with this video,” one person commented on the video.

“An Australian classic,” another said.

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